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M.Sc. in Electronic Systems Engineering (MISE)

Announcement: During the year 2015-16 this M.Sc. Program will be taught just in Spanish. Should you need more information, please navigate to the Spanish version or contact us: secretario@die.upm.es.

M.Sc. in Electronic Systems Engineering - MISE 2015-16


"An innovative approach to Electronic Engineering"

IE: over 30 years experience forming engineerings and researchers

ETSIT School of Engineering, "Best ICTs School of Engineering in Spain".
Ranking "El Mundo" newspaper

4 course plans of specialization

Since the transistor’s invention, electronics has produced a technological revolution without precedents, that has substantially incremented humanity’s standard of living and has been fundamental for the development of many industries. The electronics sector generates a revenue over 150.000 million euros each year, and this figure does not stop growing. It is an industry which is in constant movement and needs innovative and dynamic professionals who aspire to lead future’s advances.

The Electronics Engineering is a department that belongs to the ETSIT-UPM, which is an international reference in teaching and research that has decades-long experience forming engineers in the areas of telecommunications and electronics. In this Official M.Sc. Degree in Electronics Systems Engineering (MISE) we have made a huge effort to create a study curriculum that fits the level required for engineers from the industry, but with sufficient flexibility to be able to adapt to the professional preferences of the students. The subjects covered by the Master give the student a global vision of the state of the art of nowadays and future electronics technologies, as well as a specific and methodological basis in order to be able to carry out research and development activities in the area of electronics systems. Also a main effort is to potentiate the personal skills from the students..

The structure for the MISE is divided into three blocks: A main block, compulsory for every student. A specialization block, in which each student must take at least one in between the four offered itineraries. The last block is the Master Thesis which purpose is to put into practice the acquired knowledge. The five specializations involved in the MISE are “Electronics Systems Engineering” (professional itinerary), “Optoelectronic Systems and Microsystems”, “Advanced Electronic Systems and Circuits” and “Intelligent Systems and Applications” and "Technology Management" (research itinerary). The courses language is Spanish, however, those students with difficulties in this langage will be offered support in English (B2 level required).

The electronics support many other engineerings and industries, and so does the MISE open the door to a wide spectrum of professional developments, both in the industrial sector and in the research and development or innovation. A high percentage of the MISE students continue their studies with a PhD.


The MISE is aimed both at students and professionals from any technical or scientific area that requires or uses electronics as a base for their development or activity (car industry, instrumentation, control, bioengieneering, biomedical systems, energy, etc.), as well as information technologies and communications (consumer electronics, terminals, signal processing, internet of things, etc.).

Although the Master is focused on Telecomunications Graduate or Engineer, it is open to any Graduate or Engineer with a basic formation in electronics, which wants to acquire a specialization or a practical and actualized formation in the area of electronic systems. Also, MISE allows the following pursue of a PhD in the frame of a PhD program with Quality Mention associated with it.