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Teaching programmes

Postgrad Programmes

Postgrad programmes are meant to provide graduate students interested in getting a career in the Electronic Systems sector with a global and up-to-date perspective and background. With a special focus on leading markets development and with the aim of forming leaders in engineering, technology innovation, management and research.

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Grad Programmes

Through grad programme courses we provide students of engineering a sound foundation in Electronic Systems necessary to understand the advances and growth o technology in our society. Pragmatically inspired, IE pursues teaching future engineers how to analyze and solve real problems -design to implementation- in telecommunication (ICTs), biomedical technologies and materials. Lab courses in up-to-date technology are a "hands on" scenario where students will learn the basis of designing, projects, team working and real life engineering problem solving. With the vocation of personalized learning, IE is aimed at forming professionals that will bring the future innovation in Electronics and Engineering.




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