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Given the large number of collaborations of the teachers of the program, the network of contacts created is the most efficient mechanism for the employment of students completing their doctoral thesis. Many research projects are part of large consortium including research centers and relevant companies in the research program. These companies are very interested in the program students since there is a very tight profile to their needs.

Additionally, the UPM has two initiatives to guide students in their employment:

  1. On the one hand, provides the Guidance and Employment Information Center (COIE http://www.coie.upm.es/), to communicate and guide students in their first job at any companies. The COIE has two main lines of action: provide access to the students to new offers received in the center, and for companies an effective service to fill jobs with students that best suit their needs and required profile.
  2. Secondly, in order to exploit research findings by creating spin-off collaboration of professors of the UPM, UPM has a specific program for business creation (http://www.upm .com / institutional / Researchers / Support / TTO / CreacionEmpresas). The Programme is part of the Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship UPM, and has the objective of creation of companies with high growth potential. It develops all its work around four pillars: business idea, equipment, resources that support the project and the business model that give rise to the three concepts above. This involves a series of actions: Monitoring from the initial stage to the constitution of the company, analysis of the feasibility of the project, ongoing advice, guidance in writing the business plan, training activities targeted at the needs of the team, visibility for investors and support in finding funding, Entrepreneurship competition Actúaupm.
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