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Admission Criteria

Requirements to Access the PhD Program

The UPM approved the UPM PhD PROGRAM MODEL, through the Chancellor's Resolution on January 30, 2009, published in the Official Bulletin of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (BOUPM). This resolution is accessible since its coming into force at: http://www.upm.es.

This model is the application of R.D. 1393/2007 of October 29, wh8i8ch lays down the Official University Syllabus, among which is the PhD Syllabus. In Article 19, Access to PhD Teaching, this document establishes that: "To access the PhD programme in its training period, it will be necessary to comply with the same conditions as access the official Masters' degree teaching, Article 16 of the Royal Decree."

They are:

It will be necessary to have an Official Spanish University Degree or any other issued by an institution of the European Higher Education Area that authorizes the country where the qualification to access the Master's Degree is issued.

It will also be accessible to graduates from educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area without the approval of their qualifications, after the verification by the University that they certify a level of education equivalent to the corresponding Official Spanish University Qualifications and which entitle the country issuing the qualification for admission to postgraduate studies. Entry through this route does not imply in any case the approval of the previous degree, held by the interested party, or its recognition for other purposes than to pursue the teachings of Masters' Degree.

In addition, to the research period, Article 19.2 adds:

"To enter the PhD> program during the research period, applicants must hold an official Masters' Degree or another at the same level issued by an institution of higher education in the European Higher Education Area. In addition, those in possession of a qualification obtained in accordance with education systems outside the European Higher Education Area can access thr course without their approval, but after verifying that the degree certifies the level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish Master's Degree and entitles the issuing country to access PhD studies. This admission does not imply in any case the approval of the previous degree in possession of the person, or its recognition for purposes other than to pursue PhD studies. They can also be accessed after having fulfilled any of the following conditions:

Having obtained 60 credits included in one or several Masters' Degrees, in accordance with the university supply. Exceptionally, those students who have obtained 60 credits at graduate level will have access to the research period, in accordance with the rules established by the University, through the training activities not included in the University Master's Degree.

Having a graduate degree whose duration, in accordance with community law rules, consists of, at least, 300 credits."

In any case, in order to move on to a research period of a UPM PhD the following is required:

Having obtained at least 300 ECTS credits between graduate and postgraduate studies.

30 ECTS credits have to be in research

The 30 research ECTS can only be recognized after approval from the PhD committee of the UPM.

The PhD Graduate Committee of the UPM will be responsible for verifying that the degree of those students who are in possession of qualifications obtained from educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area, certifies the level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish Masters' Degree and entitles the country issuing the qualification to admission to PhD studies.

Admission to a PhD program at the UPM is governed by the specific criteria of the program, provided it meets the general conditions for admission to the UPM.



Critera for admission

Upon fulfillment of the conditions set out in RD 1393/2007 for access, the Academic Quality and PhD Programme will deal with selection and admission, in accordance with the following criteria:


the academic training and academic record will be evaluated, especially the qualifications with skills and knowledge related to the areas of specialization of the Phd Program. Professional experience and research will be ecaluated, especially in activities related to the areas of specialization of the Phd Program. There will be an evaluated accreditation that certifies that the student has sufficient knowledge of English and Castilian (where applicable) that will allow the teaching given in these languages to be persued without difficulty. The motivation letter required for candidates will be evaluated, showing their interest in persuing the PhD Program, and reasons for the specific topic that he/she would like to research if admitted. The submission of a recommendation letter from accredited professionals in the fields of science and professionals related to the Phd Program will be evaluated. The interview that candidates will have with a member of the Academic and Quality Committee of the Phd Program will be evaluated. In case of doubt as to the admission of graduates, and if the candidate's training and experience are significantly far from the topics of the PhD Program, the candidate may be admitted under the precondition that he or she completes the relevant previous courses which will be indicated, which will allow him or her to develop the necessary skills for the PhD Program. This admission would be conducted in accordance with the procedure PR 19 \'Leveling Actions\' of the Quality Assurance System of E.T.S.I. Telecommunication.

In case of admission, students can find, http://www.upm.es, the procedure of pre-enrollemtn and enrollment in the PhD program for Spanish, EU and non-EU students on the web page of UPM. <


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