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Guarantee System Program Quality


  • Quality Guarantee System of the ETSIT and all of its qualifications

    The design of the quality procedures has been approved by ANECA in the AUDIT program, with UCR certificate No. 127/10, issued on 25-10-2010.

    As regards the PhD Programs, the processes corresponding to the quality assurance procedures defined for the center are implemented in a personalized manner:

    • Existence of a body, unit or person responsible for the quality assurance system of the Program:
      • The quality assurance functions are carried out by the academic committee of the program, under the direction of the Quality Manager
    • Existence of mechanisms to obtain information on the development of the PhD program, on mobility, and its results:
      • PR Satisfaction Surveys (PR-SO-5-002)
      • PR Self-Assessment and Annual Review Plans (PR-ES-1.3- 002)
      • PR Internal Audit (PR-ES-1.3-003)
      • Within the program there would be satisfaction surveys carried out by students taking a PhD degree.
      • Students complete a report reflecting both their achievements and difficulties on an annual basis.
      • Students who participate in mobility actions must include this information in the annual report.
    • Existence of mechanisms to ensure that the information being collected is analyzed, that decisions related to the development and results of the program are taken and that derivative actions are implemented.
      • PR Review of Results and Improvement in the Training Programs (PR-ES-2-003)
      • PR Information systems for decision making (PR-SO- 7-001)
      • The annual report is analyzed, reviewed and validated by the thesis supervisor, by the person responsible for the programme in the Academic Committee, and the Deputy Director of the PhD Center
      • The Academic Committee meets on a yearly basis to analyse the reports, the decisions taken on them and review the implementation of the derived actions
      • There is an electronic communication channel between the teachers of the programme and the academic Committee
      • A university server collects all of the reports and their analysis.
      • The payment of academic tutoring fees for the following course is only allowed to those students whose report has been validated.
      • The defence of doctoral theses is only allowed to students who have drawn up their annual reports .
    • Existence of mechanisms for the publication of information on the program, its development and results, and suspension of programme procedures
      • PR Publication of information on the degrees being offered by the Centre (PE-ES-2-004)
      • PR Extinction of study plans leading to official titles (PE-ES-2-006)
      • The program has a web page which publishes, as well as quality information, information on the program, admission criteria, regulation of thesis, teacher data, and information concerning the program's registration.



      Relevant Links

      Below are several relevant links related to the quality guarantee system of the ETSIT for all of its qualifications.

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      • Satisfaction UPM student Survey, developed during the the 2009-1 academic year: PDF
      • Procedure for the preparation and review of Policy and Quality Objectives: PDF
      • Process Review and Improvement in Training Programmes: PDF
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