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Schedule, Time and Place

Important dates

  • Pre-inscription until Sept 22th
  • Admission list October 7th
  • Student's registration: after October 8th

Important Dates

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We have changed the starting dates for classes in the first semester. The final calendar for exams and master classes is as follows:

First semester:

  • Classes: From September 24/2013 to December 20/2013
  • Adjustment days: January 8/2014 to January 10/2014. These days will be used to complete the topics in some Master courses.
  • Exams: from January 13/2014 to January 17/2014.
  • Final day for marks: February 5/2014.

Second semester:

  • Classes: from February 10/2014 to May 23/2014.
  • Adjustment days: May 26/2014 to May 30/2014. These days will be used to complete the topics in some Master courses.
  • Exams: From June 2/2014 to June 6/2014.
  • Final day for marks: June 20/2014.

Extraordinary exam session:

  • Exams: From June 23/2014 to July 2/2014.
  • Final day for marks: July 10/2014.



Classes will take place between 15:00 and 20:00, Monday to Friday, laboratory practice and activities generally reserved for Friday, according to the published calendar.
Class attendance is mandatory. It will be monitored and will be considered for the final grade. If attendance is not met, it can lead to failure in the subject.
Room: B-221, building B, second floor.

Information is available at this link:

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