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Analog Electronic Systems (SEAN)

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First semester
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This course builds on the previous analog electronics courses to study the structure, characteristics and use of analog integrated circuits (ICs) for the design of several Analog Systems. As a required issue of this learning the course will also deal with effects and situations of practical relevance for a successful design (noise, distortion, etc). The focussing of the lectures towards practical and specific systems (power-supply, communications, instrumentation, analog processing of weak signals, actuation, large signal handling, etc.) gives an integrating vision of previous concepts (basic electronics, linear systems, small and large signal, etc.) not often found in programmes of this kind of subjects.


1. Circuits and integrated electronic systems
Microelectronics and complexity.
Design process. Technological alternatives.
Current trends.

2. Building blocks in analog integrated circuits (0.5 credits).
Analog signal processing.
Switches, current sources and current mirrors.
Voltage and current references.
Amplifiers. Comparators.

3. Power and Supervisory systems (1 credit)
Regenerative circuits and timers
DC-AC converters: direct converters and PWM systems
Switching power suppl.
Linear power suppl.
Thermal dissipation. Protections and heatsinks
Supervisory circuits

4. Analog systems for communications and instrumentation (1 credit).
Multipliers, modulators and phase detectors.
Voltage controlled oscilators (VCOs).
Phase locked loops (PLLs).
Applications: Modem, frequency synthesis, phase and frequency modulators and demodulators, etc.

5. Weak-signal handling techniques (1 credit)
Low noise design
DC and AC perturbations (offsets, drifts, thermoelectric effects, ground loops, ...)
Chopped Op. Amps and optocoupling
Detection of signals in noisy environments: Lock-in and averaging techniques.

6. Signal acquisition and and actuators (0.5 credits)
High resolution A/D converters
Acquisition systems for PC
Smart power ICs

7. Wideband Analog Systems (1 credit)
Amplifiers for photodetectors. Optoelectronic I C (OEICs)
LED and Laser drivers for optical communicatios

8. Analog Audio Systems (0.7 credits)
Sound, physical characteristics. Accoustics basics
Sound control systems
Power audio stages: distortion.

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SEAN -090000541
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[1] Application notes from National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Linear Technology and other ICs suppliers.
[2] Soclof: "Design and Applications of Analog Integrated Circuits". Prentice-Hall, 1991. (unfortunately discontinued, but quite a good book)
[3] S. Franco: "Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits". McGraw Hill, 1998.
[4] Gray and Meyer: "Analisys and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits". Wiley 1993. (Though useful for some particular aspects, this book is more intended for those electronic engineers whishing to know what is inside the ICs used in this subject rather than how to use such ICs).